Beautiful and shiny tiling finish always give your house a modern, sleek and glamorous feeling. Sometimes, tiling is where the true beauty of a beautiful house is. Every dream house should have this true beauty. At Royce Renovation, we offers full ranges of tiles and stones to choose. Our suppliers are from Australian leading tiles supplier such as Quantum Quartz. Our tiles are 100% Australian made.

Our tiles are engineered stones man-made from natural rocks which contains more than 93% natural quartz. The remaining contents are strong bonding agent, pigment and various additives.

Why choose our tiles

  • Environmental Friendly and Natural Choices
  • High Resistance to Scratch & Chipping
  • High Resistance to Chemical & Acids
  • High Flexural Strength
  • Heat Resistant and Non Porous
  • 10 years Warranty
  • Have more than 40 colour choices
  • Have different sizes choices even the whole slab.

We also have choices of ecological and environmental friendly ECOLOCK+ tiles manufactured by NOX Corporation which are one of the world-largest LVT manufacturers. It supported by renowned NOX ECOTECTURE® TECHNOLOGY.

What are the advantages

  • Environmental friendly and 100% Recyclable
  • Inter-locking system for easy installation and unique design
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Easy to install, replace and remove
  • Silent and soft floor
  • Ultra water-resistant
  • Suitable for heated floor
  • Easy maintenance

We understand installation can be a tedious and frustrating job, hence we have installation services for our tiles by our experienced staff.  

Any enquires please email us or phone us 0426886780 or landline (02)83850426 or visiting our showroom 59 Parramatta Rd Annandale Sydney 2038

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