COMMERCIAL Quick-drying Automatic Hand Dryer (White) Stainless Steel High Speed

Rated Voltage: AC220-240V
Total power:1450W
Air speed:100m/s
Air temperature:40-50°C
Product size:W295XD165XH320mm
Package size:W350XD400XH460mm
Product weight:5kg/pcs

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1.Fast Dry 10 second each time, Low Power Consumption

2. High efficiency, economical operation with easy maintenance.

3. Fast drying hand in 10 seconds means less energy required and cost saving

4. Contactless drying hands means hygiene

5. Stainless steel shell, easy to clean, to avoid cross-contamination

6. Environmentally Friendly , it can reduce the using of paper, so it can save more trees and protect the environment

7. DC brush motor

8. easy to install in a variety of locations securely

9. You can choose the surface shiny or brushed


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