Modern Wall Faced Floor Toilet Suite (White) + IN-WALL Cistern + Flush Button

Main Type: Wall faced floor toilet suite
Tub Style: Modern style
Shape: Round
Material: Ceramic
Color: White
Suite: wall faced pan+ in-wall cistern+button
Size: 590*360*400mm
Standard S-trap: 60-100mm
JT 43 connector:150-170mm
P-trap: 180mm
Water consumption: 4.5/3 litres dual flush
Country of Manufacture:Australia



Water supply connection at the top
Soft closing seat
Activating panel available in various decorative finishing
Galvanized wall bracket supports, easy installation and adjustment
Wels approved
Australian standard
10 years warranty

Cistern Application

For installation in front of a solid wall
For floor model toilet
The product thickness is 78mm


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