Outdoor Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Ashtray Butt Bin Cigarette Canister


patented products
environmental protection, oxidation resistant.
Leak proof, rainproof, theft proof are workable.
A variety of designs, crafts, colors(silver, blue, green, black, purple) ,shapes ,lengths available.
the ashtray body, key, and the equipped screw are rusty resistant, durable.
customized logos , images and designs available in the ashtray body and top.
size: D8.9*H36cm
material: #304 Stainless steel



Wide range of places for usage including:

stadium, gymnasium, park, hotel, office, entertainment places, tourist resorts, airport,station;
the wall mounted ashtray is also theft proof and a good way to advocate the company as the promotional activity and advertisement through printing the images and logos on the surface of the ashtray.


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